Isabel Hall
showcasing mixed media & textile art, stitch by stitch!
saxon and medieval inspirations

Isobel Hall is an experimental mixed media and stitch textile artist.

She is an author, international tutor and exhibitor who lives in the UK and in Spain.

Isobel creates unique bags, books, vessels, jewellery, boxes and wall art.

In this, her fifth book, Isobel experiments with unusual materials such as thistle tops, cricula silk pods, shosenshi viscose, newspaper string, new relief paste and new washable PVA skins to create exquisite works of art.

Fusible thread with foiling, innovative ways for inkjet printing and hand printing are explored and ways for working with Funtex are explained. Exciting techniques for creating raised work with a difference can be found in the chapter on embroidering with paper.

The techniques explained in this stimulating book are inspired by Saxon and Medieval art and are used to create items such as bags, handmade books, vessels, reliquary boxes and wall art.

Her latest book, "Saxon and Medieval Inspirations" is self published and this book as well as "Textile Adventures" can be ordered direct from Isobel Hall.


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